RE: Re: Spark Propadation

Subject:       RE: Re: Spark Propadation
       Date:   Sun, 27 Apr 1997 19:41:24 GMT
       From:   robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
Organization:  Society of Manufacturing Engineers
         To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

                I regret having to interrupt your wet dreams with
                a small matter called  =physics=:

                To render air or any other gas conductive you need
                =ionizing radiation=.  In the case of electromagnetic
                radiation, only x-rays or (under certain conditions)
                extremely short-wave ultra-violet is minimally
                energetic enough for the job.

                        Gamma rays work really well.  Now's the
                        time to get out that old, unused cobalt-60
                        source you've been hiding under the work
                        bench ;->

                                        On the beam in - Detroit, USA

                                        Robert Michaels

        P.S.:  What the hay is "Propadation"?  (Perhaps spark
               =propagation= by ionizing =radiation=)?

T>The Laser idea sounds fun.  I have a 2mW HeNe laser here at home I use
T>relax with a bit of Pink Floyd going through a mirror speaker. 
T>when I get my coil running again, I can try to see what that will do.


T>> Hello Gary,
T>> "My question is.  Is there any way to make sparks transmit threw the
T>> longer than normal using something like an electronic beam.  Laser
T>> Light beam?  Different frequency microwave beam?  Hot air beam?"
T>> Hey you remember Tesla's infamous 'Particle weapon' (Popular on the
T>> Non-scientific type lists?, As I do not venture into that region,
not to
T>> sure of the 'proper' term), well all you folks involved in research
T>> SDI or related spinoffs should know of the high energy laser devises
T>> produce suficient ionization in the atmosphere from which a 'High'
T>> energy source of electrons or protons could then have a much easyer
T>> to the target. So, has any body here on this list actually
T>> with, say, High power lasers for guidence of the discharge? Flames
T>> cool, try some Barium or Strontium salts for added color.
T>> David Trimmell