My visit with Robert W. Stephens

Subject:      My visit with Robert W. Stephens
       Date:  Sun, 27 Apr 1997 20:44:31 -0700
       From:  Skip Greiner <sgreiner-at-wwnet-dot-com>
Organization: Greiner, Ltd.
         To:  tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

Hi All

I had the opportunity to visit Robert and see for myself his fantastic
twin. You really can't conceive of this thing without actually being
there. 11 footers at his power levels are fantastic to say the least. He
has so many TOYS it is impossible to enumerate them here and I won't
even try. His coils are works of art.

By far the most impressive demonstration was when he operated the twin
with the break turned off and a stationary contact spaced just .375" was
the sole break for the system. And the system seemed to operate at
nearly the same level if not the same level as with the rotary running
Almost unbelievable.

It was a real hoot. Thanks Robert