Spark Propagation

Subject:  Spark Propagation
  Date:   Tue, 22 Apr 97 11:10:16 EDT
  From:    pierson-at-ggone.ENET.dec-dot-com

>The Laser idea sounds fun.  I have a 2mW HeNe laser here at home I use to
>relax with a bit of Pink Floyd going through a mirror speaker.  Perhaps when I
>get my coil running again, I can try to see what that will do. 

>>> "My question is.  Is there any way to make sparks transmit threw the air 
>>> longer than normal using something like an electronic beam.  Laser beam? 
>>> Light beam?  Different frequency microwave beam?  Hot air beam?"

>> Hey you remember Tesla's infamous 'Particle weapon' (Popular on the
>> Non-scientific type lists?, As I do not venture into that region, not to
>> sure of the 'proper' term), well all you folks involved in research for
        If memory serves, there was some research in Japan, two years or
        ago, on a 'laser lightning divertor'.  This would have fired a
        beam of substantial power to create an ionized path to 'guide'
        lightning strokes.  Laser would have been triggered by field
        Research was aimed at improving protection of power co

        Rather More than 2 mW needed, i suspect.

        (And i/we are drifting off the edge of teslalist...   8)>>)