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Subject:      Re: U.K. Coil building info
      Date:   Tue, 22 Apr 1997 00:52:24 GMT
      From:   jim.fosse-at-bdt-dot-com (Jim Fosse)
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Hi Alan,

>Get a catalogue from Linsay Publications - Bradley, IL  - lots of
>interesting books that you can't get here.
>No email but you can fax them on - USA 815 935-5477 (24hrs)
>Ask for a free catalogue.

Linsay now has a web page:

You can also order from them via email, but they don't recommend it.



All:    p.s. don't order stuff from the USA via surface mail, it takes
forever.  I believe Alan described it as "the Liberty ship has finally
arrived" ;)     jf

---------begin include from Linsay's web page -----------------


We can take orders via email, but if you send charge card numbers, you
do so at your own
risk, not ours. A better way would be to fax us your order at

We need your 

     customer number (if youíre already on our database) 
     your name and address 
     the number and title of the book(s) you want 
     a shipping charge of $1.00 for the first book and 50 cents for
each additional book 
     and a check, money order, or charge cards. 

Books are sent by surface mail routinely. Large heavy orders may also
be sent via UPS to most
continental locations at our discretion. 

We can ship Priority Mail (a great value), UPS First and Second Day
Air. CODs are available to
established customers. All of these methods require shipping fees well
in excess of the usual $1.00 plus
50 cents fee. 

We are small company dedicated to providing great books at low prices
delivered as quickly as possible at
minimal expense. As a result, we donít offer every service. We are an
assembly line operation geared for
high performance. (if we could only get the post office to do the

You can call your order in, but that really slows us down. FAX or
email would be best for you and us.
YOU get the order here, and WE will get it into the mail stream fast!
We have reputation for fast
turnaround. So try us! 

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