Re: Opt. Qnch. update--loss of synergism

Subject:  Re: Opt. Qnch. update--loss of synergism
  Date:   Mon, 21 Apr 1997 14:54:30 -0400 (EDT)
  From:   FutureT-at-aol-dot-com
    To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

 I'm just amazed at this single 15 KV 60 MA neon's performance! I've got
 a couple you can work on over here!  65" streamers off a single 15-60
 not shabby at all! Sounds like you ARE seeing synergy with this single
 trannie! :^)
 The other thing that's interesting is the observed quenching at the
 third notch when a streamer strikes ground. Were these heavy ground
 discharges to the strike-rail? When my toroid discharges to ground
 (typically during the first notch), I see no more notches at all for
 that particular "bang", since almost all the secondary's energy was
 rapidly "zapped" to ground. Were these ground hits to a poorer ground
 (like the concrete floor?)
 Very interesting!!
 -- Bert H --


Thanks again.  Some of the ground strikes were to a grounded ceiling
fixture, some were to the plaster ceiling, it didn't seem to make any
difference.  Probably none of the strikes were to the strike rail, since
these strikes are rare.  I'll have to do more experiments at various


John Freau