Re: Primaries and Copper Tubing

Subject:       Re: Primaries and Copper Tubing
       Date:   Tue, 22 Apr 1997 07:44:26 +1200
       From:   "Malcolm Watts" <MALCOLM-at-directorate.wnp.ac.nz>
Organization:   Wellington Polytechnic, NZ
         To:    tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

       The last time I had to anneal copper tubing I had to heat it 
cherry red with an oxy-acetylene torch.


> You can remove the work harden from the copper tubing with heat.  If
> your 
> kitchen oven has a self cleaning setting put the roll of copper tubing
> in the 
> oven. Set your oven to clean for the recomended length of time, usually
> about 
> 3 hours. The work harden will be removed and the copper will be dead
> soft 
> again.  
> Gary Weaver