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>>Micheal Cranford suggested that I pre-test the dual coil by driving it with
>>a signal generator and adjust the outer coil's number of turns so that its
>>length/inductance/resonant frequency corresponds to the inner coil.  I think
>>it is a valid suggestion and I'm going to do this before I apply power. It
>>will be interesting to see how much difference there will be between the two
>>coils.  I'll post this, it could be of value to other experimenters.
>>Bert Pool
>Might be a good idea, but in hot flaming action where the current
>hard and fast, the Fr's might move about a bit on their own.  Separately
>testing them with a sig. gen. might be just an innocent exercise....
>tickling the dragon's tail.  Even in parallel, they are still mutually
>inductively coupled.  It ain't like two far removed coils in parallel.
>  In THEORY they should have the same currents and potentials on each
>matching, right?......riigghhttt!  In theory, maybe, I think, I
>hope,.... oh
>please let them be the same!!!  
>Good luck.  It's by doin' crap like this that the whole business moves
>onward and upward.  When someone says it can't be done or won't work,
>is like a signal to me that starts me movin off ta' do it.
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

By plugging the coil values into a spreadsheet using Wheeler's formula,
find that in _theory_, I will only have to reduce the length of the
coil by 1 inch or so.  I will do this at the ground end of the coil
relative voltages are small.  Even as they sit, the the two windings are
identical to within less than a 2% tolerance.  Chopping off the outer
that little bit should bring them within 1/2% of having the same
self-resonant frequency and inductance.

I just bought $60 of new 125 mil poly to wrap this secondary in.  I'm
mounting the top corona ring a couple inches higher, I'm insulating the
two turns of the primary cable, and I'm seriously thinking about cutting
cone shaped poly arc shield to go under the corona ring, something a bit
like Tesla's HV corona "funnel" that he used at CS.

Bert Pool