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        Re: Broadcast Capacitors
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> >Malcolm,
> >
> >Nah, I don't hate you.......yet.  If you ever get as lucky as Richard 
> >Hull has been at hamfests bringing home truckloads of Keithley this 
> >and government surplus EMP that for *only* ten dollars, and start 
> >waving it in our faces so we all turn green with envy, then I'll hate
> >you. : )
> >
> >rwstephens
> >
> >Robert,
> Just got back from a long weekend of festin'.  152 messages back logged.
> you'll really hate me now.  Checkout the HV list where the booty is
> partially cataloged.  I hear about coilers who can't seem to find the
> stuff
> we do at fests, but I am beginning to believe that the fests around me
> are
> among the finest in the land!!  Dayton is just around the bend!!!  I'm
> leavin' that one to others though.  Raliegh is next weekend and it is a
> smoker!
> Richard Hull, TCBOR


I only plan on two or three Hamfests a year, Dayton, Rochester and 
Pickering, Ontario.  Sure hope I can find some money for Dayton.  My 
health will also have to improve.  If it was next week I wouldn't be 
able to make it. : (  
I've been off-work for 9 month's on just $175.00/week disability 
(multiply x 0.72 for U.S. Dols) and I'm *really* behind.