Re: neon plunder!

           Re: neon plunder!
           Sat, 05 Apr 1997 22:24:22 -0800
           Roderick Maxwell <major-at-vicksburg-dot-com>
           Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

Tesla List wrote:
> Subject:
>         neon plunder!
>   Date:
>         4 Apr 1997 15:33:29 CST
>   From:
>         <daniel_hess-at-VNET.IBM.COM>
>     To:
>         <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> Max; Congratulations on striking the neon motherlode. I too have a buddy
> who works at a neon sign shop that "allowed" all the transformers I
> could
> carry. Now I have the darn things coming out my ears. I always cringe
> when I hear about a guy charging $100.00 plus per unit. IMO, a used neon
> is worth only its weight in copper scrap.I'm comtemplating contacting
> the local loss prevention officer for T. U. electric, the mega-electric
> utility for most of the state of Texas.These guys are responsible for
> getting rid of all their used/surplus stuff. Problem is I'm scared of
> what I'll probably find. (Too much, overload, overload!) They most
> likely
> will have several truck loads of stuff I didn't even know I needed.
> Once again, Congrats. BTW, I thought Frakensteins helper was "Igor!"
> Regards, Daniel

   Thank you I plan on trying out several other neon sign places in
Jackson to see what they have out back. Also this evening I tried out
the first neon I've put put back together from the first batch and it
worked great! I hooked it up to some neon tubing I keep around for test
purposes and it lit the tube very brightly. The true test to my 
craftsmanship however will be when I put to work powering a coil! 

                              Igor retired......

                               Frankensteins Helper