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> Hi R. W. Stephens, All,
> Nice twin coil!  Nice sparks.  Awsome sinusoid spark!!
> How does the streamer connection rate vary with
> pulse frequency?
> Barry
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Thank's for the kind words.

You are assuming that,  as a properly equipped Tesla coil experimenter I 
would have a rotary break with a variable speed motor.  And you would 
be correct!    Low break rates produced acceptable performance, 
but higher rates in the 600 BPS range gave me the longest and hottest 
connecting discharges for a given kVA power input level, all other 
factors being equal.  I don't like to exceed about 600-700 BPS 
because this is hard on very expensive capacitors (and even harder on 
cheaper ones).

Ed Wingate's twin gives awesome performance at 120 BPS sychronous, 
but his system is physically much larger than mine, and can accept 
correspondingly  more input power.  After seeing my results with 
the little twin I'll wager he's building a variable speed rotary to try
his twin right now! : )