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Hi Steven:

It's ok to overlap if you limit it to two layers.  Use a layer of .020
mylar between layers.  Some RF may capacitively couple through so we
usually use two chokes in series --- one with two layers and one with a
single layer.  The single layer choke always faces the business end of
capacitor bank.  The double layer RFC is between this choke and the xmfr
being protected.


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>         Chokes
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> I am winding some chokes on ferrite cores, it is the chokes in the TCBA
> vol
> 15 # 3 figure D design and it calls for 50 turns of # 30 ga wound on the
> ferrite cores. Will it hurt anything for some of the wires to overlap? I
> noticed some were doing an overlap in the center of the core as I was
> winding.    Stephen Sanders.