Re: Solid State


I can now pull a 4" arc out of my solid state design.

I reduced the sensitivity of the current limiter, and
I've beening trying different transformer ratio's.
Good results at 8:1 step up.
12:1 was great fun - 5A current meter off the scale
very energetic sparking but after a few minutes
my 5A fuse blew (not surprisingly and when I put the
main light on I saw a little bit of 
smoke from the output transformer. Windings
very hot (core ok). Electronics were still fine though
output transistors barely warm, transformer checks
out ok and I'll try another short run when its cold.

At present on the transformer I have
2*20 turn 1.25mm primarys (push pull)
240 turn 0.56mm secondary.
All the window space is full.

I'll mess about a bit more with transformer
windings, put in a 6.3A fuse! 

I had considered demonstrating it in
church on Pentecost Sunday. (Theological
leap to the power of the Spirit). But checking
the diary I've got 3 baptism's that Sunday
and water, babies and a tesla coil are a bad

If I do use in church for a childrens talk I 
reckon I should disconnect the inductive loop
and switch off the PA. Any other potential
hazards??  It will be about 15' from the
nearest member of the congregation. 

A surplus store is selling lots of small toriodal
cores - no information on the core materials
only that some are red, or blue or natural -
is there a colour code for these things?

Have fun,

Alan Sharp (UK)