Re: pole pig availability

>What's a good source for say a 10 kva pole pig?  


If you want to shop around even more, you might check out the Surplus Record's
print catalog.  I just got a free copy via their web site, and it has ads for a
number of transformer rebuilding companies including those that Ed mentioned
(which seem to be the main ones used by people here).  Surplus Record lists all
sorts of industrial machinery and power distribution equipment, though much of
it is the _really_ big stuff.  Their web site has all the equipment listings,
but not the ads.  Fun to browse though.


Charles Brush

[NOTE: This site is a potential gold mine.  I just checked it out and found
 the following entries under "Transformers, Potential":

1 KVA 69000 Pri. 120 Sec., West., outdoor, 350KVBIL, 889A531G04, Type APT-305 (3)
   Bruce&Merril., PA 412-652-5566 (Fax 412-652-8290) Ward/Bruce 

4.0 KVA 69 KV Pri., Square D #N350-69-20TS, metering pt./ct (3 sur.)
   Delta Power, CA 800-548-1149 (Fax 805-324-4113) Jim Waller 
7.5 KVA 115/69 KV Pri.,Square D #U2-550-115, 600/1000:1 ratio (2)
   Delta Power, CA 800-548-1149 (Fax 805-324-4113) Jim Waller 

-- Chip ]