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>Evening, gents:
>What's a good source for say a 10 kva pole pig?  I'm also into ham radio,
>and built a dc hv supply using a 7 kva pig which I bought from another ham
>nearby, already removed from the can and "dried out" from the PCB oil.  For
>general information, my pig is wound on a C core with a coil on each
>horizontal leg of the C.  

Here is what I have seen posted on the list before:

Solomon Corporation, P. O. Box 245, Solomon, KS 67480
Watts: (800) 243-2867 Tel (913) 655-2191 Fax (913) 655-2502
Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.
<tip from Scott Myers>

T & R Electric, P. O. Box 180, Colman, SD 57017
Watts (800) 843-7994  <tip from Scott Myers>
Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.

H&H Transformer Inc. (303) 289-2802
Denver area pole pigs, tip by Chip Atkinson

Ed Sonderman