Re: Request for circuit for phase adjustable strobe

  I received the circuit drawing that you spoke of for
fine tuning the rotary sparkgap. It appears to be a pretty solid circuit
upon initial inspection.
  There have been many fine 555-timer circuits cross my desk over the
years,and this will be among my finest.
  Upon completion of the final circuit it will be fun to feed back my
results to you.Imatation is one of the finest compliments to a successful
design.The strobe path also works,but you have shown a lot of ingenuity in
devising an
approach for the masses.
   Thanks again for your time and encouragement.
                                      Jeff Mullins   

>>From sgreiner-at-wwnet-dot-comTue May  7 12:50:22 1996
>Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 10:46:50 -0700
>From: Skip Greiner <sgreiner-at-wwnet-dot-com>
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>Subject: Request for circuit for phase adjustable strobe
>Jeff Mullins
>If you will email your snailmail addrss to me at sgreiner-at-wwnet-dot-com I 
>will send a copy of my hand drawn cicuit for the strobe. I do not have a 
>scanner so I can't put it on the list directly
>Skip Greiner