Re: Blown Cap

re: shorts on edges of aluminum in hand-rolled caps:

>Do those who've
>had unexplained failures see any way that a burr or leftover flakes
>from the sanding step could have gotten into their cap?

I was about to build a cap just before Scott Meyers showed up with the first
buy and I decided to go with that. But I *had* wondered about getting rid of
all the metal dust and I had thought that lightly coiling the flashing up
and placing the roll on edge in an automatic dishwasher that heat dried at
the end of the cycle might be good for final cleaning. Then a
"finger-check", and touch-ups if necessary. Then a final wash-and-dry. 

Also, I had thought of laminating flashing for home-made caps, and had gone
as far as doing some computer work for a local librarian to trade for a
laminating job, but the laminate wasn't HDPE, so I abandoned the
idea...should I put that back on the list of "to-do's?" 

About making ripples when rolling up the laminated flashing: I was going to
roll up the flashing first into a tight roll, and let the pull of the
laminator unroll the flashing, letting the now-laminated flashing roll back
up as it came out on the other side of the machine...

Just my 2 cents,

Dan  <ntesla1-at-vm.sc.edu>