Re: Portable 10kW powersupply.

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>Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 00:12:59 +0300 (EET DST)
>From: Kristian Ukkonen <kukkonen-at-cc.hut.fi>
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>Subject: Portable 10kW powersupply.
>Hello all,
>I recently acquired a 10kW 1-phase Ac-generator (150kg mass) and I am
>planning to run it with a diesel engine. Has anyone any experience about
>the control one needs to alterate the carburetor setting as a function of
>power output from the generator? How do they do this in aggregates? 
>The reason for this "little" power-supply is simply getting completely
>disconnected from the mains - which I find logical with 5+ kW magnifiers -
>and 1-phased power at 16+ Amps is not easily available here. 
>Another possibility for running the generator would be to use a serious
>amount of car accumulators and run them in series to a large (15kW?)
>DC-motor but it does not seem to be too feasible as DC-motors at those
>power-levels are not readily available and running batteries could cause
>explosion risk because of H2 and O2 emission.. 
>Any other ideas, anyone?
>  Kristian Ukkonen.
>First, a diesel does not use a carburator, it uses an injector rack, fuel
is injected into the cylinders as a fine spray under pressure, and the
amount of fuel injected is controlled by the injector pump. That is a bit
off your subject however. I work in the broadcast industry, and as such we
have large generators as backup power for the transmitters and studios. The
generators are designed to operate at at 60 hz, and as such, the diesel or
gasoline engine must maintain a constant speed. This is accomplished with a
simple governor. Some governors are controlled electrically and some operate
from engine vacuume, but in either case, the object is to maintain a
constant speed, under changing load conditions. As the load increases, the
engine want's to slow down, and the governor increases the throttle, as load
decreases, the governor reduces the throttle, maintaining proper speed as to
generate power at 60 hz.