Re: Invisible coilers-at-Dayton

G'day all,

My pal Mark and I headed to Dayton late Friday night and
arrived at Scotty's promptly at 6 am as promised.  Scotty
was standing at the front door as we pulled up and I beamed
proudly about how well we timed the trip.  Scotty then 
informed me that it was 7am Ohio time....  Oh well, another
high shot down.
After negotiating the traffic nightmare and parking about
half a mile away from the gate, we went shopping for 
bargains.  15 Sprague 40kvdc 1800pf doorknobs set us
back 50 bucks.  Truely a bargain.  I bought 3 old Hallicrafters
arm stretchers and had to haul them back to the car in several trips.
At the end of the day, Scotty invited us over to see his coil
in action.  Some impressive bolts were generated before our
gracious host resonated my latest 6" secondary in his system.
Then we split up the loot from the days efforts before saying
goodby and heading back to the windy.
Sorry we missed the others that attended.  Maybe next year 
we can make better plans to meet now that we know the program.
There is a killer Italian resuturant in downtown Dayton that I
need to visit again :-)