8" Coil Progress

Hello All!
   I wanted to take a moment and describe my recent progress on my coil.  
I've been waiting for my remaining rotary components to be finished in 
our Tool Room at work, but our company has been so busy that even the 
normal lunch break efforts are all on things, other than "Government 
Jobs".  Not wanting to waste the time I have been working on my power 
cabinet.  Since I want to be able to move it without alot of trouble, 
I've built it into an enclosure 24"W x 24"D x 18"H on casters.  I really 
got lucky and got some used Digital Panel Meters with the sensing units 
and a 100:5 current transformer.  Wonder if the Digital meters will go 
nuts close to the Tesla Coil?  I'll smoke test them since they were free 
and give an update on the results.  I have several items on order from 
Newark and that stuff should be here by next Wednesday.  The 28 amp 
Powerstat is in along with the 10 amp Variac for the Spark gap motor.  A 
cooling fan, welder plug and line cord come tomorrow and then I'll be 
back to waiting for the spark gap stuff.  I sure have bought alot of 
Donuts to get that stuff machined!  I still hope to get things rough 
tuned and fired up in about 3-4 weeks -- hope things keep going O.K.
That's all for now.

Chuck Curran