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>Subject: Calculating inductance...
>Just a couple questions:
>Z is AC current? (as in V = IR)
>What is a sense resistor?  Just a resistor of a known value?
>Z=2piFL, F is Frequency?
>I'll try it this weekend, and if I don't get a reply, I'll try it with the 
>assumptions above.  However, my volt meter is suspect, so I'll try
>to get it to read some roughly known values accurately.
	Z is AC resistance. as in V= I Z

	F is frequency

	The sense resistor is just a small known value resistor in
series with the "unit under test" the inductor in your case. When I
say small, I mean a resistance that is less than about 1/10 of the
impedance (Z) of your inductor. If you use a "large" value then the
equation becomes V = I * ( Z + R) which is more difficult to solve.
With R "small" you can just drop it out of the equation. (assuming
that you don't mind an inaccuracy. 1/10 of Z = 10%, 1/100 of Z = 1%.