Re: Lumped vs. Helical Resonator

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>I realize that for the first shot or two the coil will be detuned. But
>as the rectifier fed cap attains a charge, it presents less and less 
>loading as the conduction angle for the rectifiers changes. I guess 
>also its capacitance relative to the terminal capacitance is going to 
>have some effect. A lot obviously depends on the measuring capacitor 
>leakage, but I think that can be overcome. Anything more I should 
Now that you have charged this cap up to a megavolt or so. What are
you going to do with it?;) Don't forget all the parasitics trying to
muck up the works. Corona suppression will be the biggest problem to
achieve without adding so much capacitance that tuning the secondary
will be impossible to achieve.

	I've found a reference to HV measurement:

	Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
	Engineering and Instrumentation
	Vol. 66C No. 1 Jan-Mar 1962
	J. H. Park

Does any have access to a copy?