Re: .010" Acrylic?

Dennis C. Lee wrote:
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> From: "Dennis C. Lee" <atech-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com>
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> Subject: .010" Acrylic?
> I recall a message a while back which recommended, I believe, .010" 
>acrylic tubing for the secondary winding. The logic involved the fact 
>that the dielectric constant increases with a decrease in wall 
>thickness. Was this the recommended material? If so, does anyone know of 
>a supplier of this type of tubing?
> Regards;
> Dennis C. Lee

Hello Dennis:
    I would suggest that you would want to obtain an acrylic tube with a 
1/8" wall thickness in order to make winding the secondary a "reasonable" 
task.  I recently spent alot of time reading through the catalogs of 
three different industrial plastics suppliers and I did not notice any 
tube with a .010" thick wall.  Since acrylic is really a fragile material 
I wouldn't expect to find anything with a .010" thick wall.  Several 
coilers have used forms with 4"-10" diameters with about 1/8" walls I 
believe with good results.  If you check your local yellow pages you will 
probably find several plastic supply houses.  Midland Plastics in 
Milwaukee, WI has a retail desk and takes charge cards too, if you can't 
find something closer to you.  Phone is 1-414-783-3460.  Good Luck!

Chuck Curran