Re: The 64k$ Question

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>          Hi, Guys and Gals..............
>          I am building my second generation Tesla coil. My question
>          to you,who probably have a lot of experience with this, is:
>          What type of spark gap would you recomend for the following
>          Tesla coil (ie. airblast, series w/air,etc.) I will experiment
>          with everythig else, but I really don't want to waste a lot of
>          time with this element.........
>          Xfmr: Two 15kv neons in parralell (60 m.amp ea.)
>          Cap: 20kv, .025 mfd (CP unit), due in one week
>          Primary : 14 turns, 3/8 copper, 30 deg. spiral
>          Secondary: 6" acrylic, 22 ga. magnet wire, 875 turns
>          Chokes: "Winging it" (maybe recent TCBOR, D.C. Cox ???)
>          Any help on the spark gap issue would be most appreciated.
>          I should throw the switch in about two weeks,and will be
>          eager to share my results with you......
>          Tom Renko  (The Amp Man)


Your system sounds very similar to mine.   I built a standard cylindrical gap
as described at the ftp Tesla site.  It worked great with neon transformers
of 12kv, 120 ma.  When I finally went to a pole pig I had to add a rotary in
series with the cylindrical gap.

Ed Sonderman