Re: Capacitor Explosion

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>Subject: Re: Capacitor Explosion
>Richard, I have ordered a Cap from Condenser Products and should receive 
>it in several weeks.  They claimed a one year warranty.  Obviously 
>defective Caps like yours and Ed Sonderman's should be replaced.  So, my 
>question is: are they honoring this warranty?  Ed? 
> Really sorry to hear about the explosion, I find it hard to believe 
>that they do not put some kind of vent plug that would go, thus 
>releasing pressure if internal arcing were to occur for whatever reason.
>David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>


Mine failed a few days after the one year warranty (if there is one).  I
asked about some compensation when discussing prices on a new one and did not
get anywhere.

Ed Sonderman