Pspice model of Tesla Coil

Hi everyone

I am trying to model a Tesla coil using Pspice.  To start with, I 
thought I'd try and model the lumped circuit as you would see in any 
schematic and see what I got.  While I seem to be getting vaguely 
believable waveforms, the secondary voltage and current magnitudes 
seem way off (approx 10kV and 200mA peak respectively).

Has anyone else tried this, or could anyone look at my source code 
below and tell me what I might need to do to get more beleivable 
results.  Is Pspice capable of modeling this accurately?????

Tesla Test
* Switch Model
.MODEL		GAP	Vswitch	(RON=.01	ROFF=1E6 VON=1	VOFF=0)
S1		3	0	5	0	GAP
* Primary Component Parameters
CP		3	4	0.0133uF
LP		4	10	41uH
RP		10	0	5.41R

* Secondary Component Parameters
CS		7	0	17pF
LS		6	0	38.2mH
RS		6	7	5.54k
* Coupling Coefficient Between LP and LS

* Neon Transformer Parameters
L_SERIES_TX	1	2	750H
R_SERIES_TX	2	3	7.5k
;L_PARALLEL_TX	1	0	15000H
;R_PARALLEL_TX	1	0	12.65M
* Neon Transformer Supply Voltage
V_SUPPLY	1	0	SIN(0 15000 50 0)
*Switch Control Voltage
V_PULSE		5	0	PULSE (0 1 10ms 0 0 8us 10ms)
* Output Commands
.TRAN		0.05ms	100ms

All values are from measurements of my coil, except Rp and Rs for 
which I have assumed a Q of 10 for the primary and secondary and used 
this as a basis to calculate Rp and Rs to take into account losses due to the 
spark gap and arcing from the secondary.  I've left the coreloss and 
magnetising components out of the neon transformer equivqlent model since Pspice 
didn't seem to like it (and since their values Rc and Xm were so 
comparatively large, I felt they could be ignored).  I used a switch 
in place of the spark gap and used a control voltage to turn it on 
and off approx once per half 50Hz cycle.  Cs includes my toroid on 
the top of the secondary.

Any comments / ideas will be greatfully received