Re: Capacitor test results

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>If the above tests are OK, it is possible that an internal bus connection 
>has come loose, and is introducing a relatively high resistance path in 
>the tank circuit when the sparkgap fires. While this would not markedly 
>impact capacitive measurements or reactive current measurements above, it 
>would have a dramatic impact on the capability to deliver a crisp high 
>current pulse when the gap fires. The "acid test" recommended by Richard 
>Hull (connecting a rotary directly across the parallel combination of the 
>pig and capacitor) if done briefly at low to moderate power should 
>confirm (Hotly and LOUDLY) whether the cap can indeed deliver repetitive 
>high-current pulses. It may be that only part of the capacitor is 
>delivering high current while the remainder has a high ESR. 
>It sure sounds like you have a flakey cap...
>Best of luck!!]
>-- Bert --


Thanks for the input.  See my post of this morning.  I have found the problem
- and created a new one.

Ed Sonderman