Re: caps & welders

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>Welders:  A while ago a few people here were discussing the merits of the
>Century Powerdisk welder with continuously variable shunt (under load).  I
>wondering how this welder has worked out, and if being able to move the
>under load has been that useful in realworld use.  Anybody know of any good
>catalog sources for these or other arc welders?


The welder that I use does have a crank handle that would allow you to adjust
the current while the coil is running.  I have never used it that way
however.  I set the current on the welder where I want it, turn the power on
and slowly crank up the variac.  I like to keep my hands on the controls.  If
I want a different power level, I turn the variac down and then adjust the
welder.  If you could find a welder with fixed but selectable taps at a good
price, I would buy it.

Ed Sonderman