Re: 1000 foot sparks?

Hi Richard,

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Tesla List wrote:

>  The longest arcs claimed by a modern builder are 75 feet!  This was made 
> to my face by the builder himself and I have numerous other witnesses.  
> The name of the builder shall remain anonimous.  Naturally, when pressed 
> for images of this amazing coilin action, we were told that none existed. 
>  I find it amazing that with such a system, the builder was of such a 
> dilatory nature that he never bothered with pictures of videos to 
> substantiate his claims.  Amazingly, there were no pictures of even the 
> dead, cold, coil for view either. Enough said here!

What about Richard Golka's Magnifier? Supposed to have reached 105 feet?
The photo is at 
+ .doc

A very impressive photo I might add too!

But I guess that's not a traditional 'Tesla Coil' (primary-secondary) 
setup....can we classify the magnifier in this 'long arc' phenomena?



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