Re: Need Coiling Advice

Hi all,

>           I am building my second generation secondary coil. It is a six
>           inch acrylic tube. I will be winding it with 22ga magnet wire.
>           My question is this: Do I need to apply a layer of epoxy on
>           the bare coil form before I begin winding? Any help would be
>           appreciated............
>                    Tom Renko......The Amp Man

I asked the same question some time ago. I think Richard Quick advised
that acrylic (perspex/plexiglass) was highly desirable as a coil-form and
it needed no preparation before winding began (provided of course that it
is clean!).

Hope that helps
Phil Mason

[ Note that you should NOT clean the acrylic with alcohol or acetone.  
  One subscriber destroyed his form when he cleaned it with alcohol
  (methanol, ethanol, or isopropyl, I'm not sure).  It cracked and just
  broke up. -- Chip ]