D.C. Cox TCBA Article

I've just read the new issue of TCBA NEWS*, and there was an article of
interest to those like myself who plan to build a smallish neon
transformer-powered coil.  In short, Cox compared (1) a "conventional"
circuit with its spark gaps in series to the neon transformer secondary
winding, and (2) a "recommended" circuit with its spark gaps in parallel to
the neon transformer secondary.

Also, he explained why the "recommended" circuit doesn't need additional
"safety gaps" (or capacitors from neon transformer to ground), and described
suitable torroid and air-core chokes for the "recommended" circuit.

Finally, he recommended the use of fewer than 5 gaps in series for a 30mA
transformer, saying that more would result in undesirable "overquenching".

Since I haven't tried to repeat the details of his article here, I hope some
of you have read it, and can comment on it.


1.  Do you agree that the "recommended" circuit (fig. D) is better than the
"conventional" circuit (fig. A)?
2.  Do you agree that the torroid and air-core chokes described are
appropriate & adequate?
3.  Do you agree that additional "safety gaps" (and "capacitors to
ground") are not needed in the "recommended" circuit?
4.  Do you agree that fewer than 5 gaps in series should be used for a 30mA
transformer, and that "overquenching" is a concern?  If less than 5, how
many? (Cox's article was unclear about this)

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!!!

Tedd Payne

* TCBA NEWS is a nice quarterly publication by Harry Goldman (518) 792-1003.