Re: vacuum cleaner blower

I have been using one of these motors from AS&S for the past 6 mos.
It had been a good unit untill last night.  I believe that I just ran 
it too long and it burned up.  It had survived direct strikes from 
the torroid on several occasions but with a pop and a buzz, out
came the smoke after about 20 min of continuous running.  I will
buy another $12.50 replacement, but ya all sould be aware that they
are not bulletproof.  

> In case anyone is interested, I just stumbled across a netsite of American Science
> and Surplus, http://www.sciplus-dot-com
> They have a vacuum cleaner style high speed blower unit similar but 
> slightly larger than I am using to force quench and cool my rotary 
> contacts on my MTC unit. The one I am using is made by Lamb and its a 6.5
> amp unit.  
> These sound slightly more powerful.  Stock item #25959.  Vaccuum Motor.
> 120 VAC -at-8 A. 12,000 RPM. 1-3/4" air inlet.  Outlet (41) 3/8" slots.
> $12.50 each. These look like a good score!