Re: CP cap order

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> Date: 14 Jun 96 14:07:25 EDT
> From: Charles Brush <74040.3317-at-CompuServe.COM>
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> Subject: Re: CP cap order
> >I know it ain't my money on line here, but he has performed honorably
> >before and its most likely he'll perform that way again.  How much was
> >the total?  A grand, maybe less?  Where is he gonna' go with that in
> >today's economy?  Rio, Paris?  Be patient, he should be back on board,
> >soon.
> >
> >Good luck,
> >
> >Richard Hull, TCBOR
> Hi Richard,
> That occurred to me too, and I started thinking more in terms of an accident,
> death, bankruptcy etc.  I got a message from him yesterday, and it turns out it
> was nothing quite so dire.  The cap order did not go through, but there is hope
> for it still.  For me the delay might actually not be so bad, since I am
> considering increasing the voltage values of the caps I ordered (after hearing
> of Ed Sonderman's explosion!).
> Charles


I'm truly glad that all is well with the cap order business.  I agree, 
the highest voltage you can afford is always better.  I went to 60 KVAC 
on some maggy caps that I recently purchased from NWL.  I'm running 29KV 
peak voltages!  (20.5KVAC RMS).  Hope you get your caps soon.

Richard Hull, TCBOR