transformer phasing

Greetings to all:

After coiling since January, I got my first cloud of acrid smoke, from one
of three neons ganged together.  Strangely, the cloud rose after I had
disconnected the third (difficult to phase) neon from the good pair.  

The smoked neon is a GE 12 kv unit marked "HPF".  I had it phased with a 12
kv 60 ma trans and the coil was working good.  The third unit (12 kv 30
neon) never seemed to get along with these two in the sense that it seemed
out of phase either way I connected the primarys.

The "smoked" trans may just be a broken secondary connection to the hv
terminal, as tar bubbled out at one end.  It could have been melted by
internal arcing.  I'll pull it apart and check it out, as it was a good trans.

There's more to this phasing stuff than meets the eye, for sure...

Happy coiling..