Re:Humid atmosphere

[major snippage]
>This is probably a stupid question but is it possible that the wire
>connected to the base of the secondary is acting like a secondary antenna on
>its own? Then it would have an output similar to the real secondary and not
>attract the arcs, leaving the arcs free to get me.
>PAUL MILLOTT (Fried again)
>PS Bob, Things are Never as they are!

        I live very close to Daytona Beach, FL so the temp is scorching and the
humidity extreme. I attributed the effect I was seeing as mt being close to
the operating coil added some capcitance to the system and when I moved away
maybe a frequency change would shut dowm the gap. After all it is a 2 brass
ball terrible gap anyway. I did try the experiment that Malcom was suggesting
and hung the scope probe about 4 feet above the coil to see its output on the
scope. The problem was that I could not move the coil far enough away from
the test area. When I went to adjust knobs on the scope, I kept feeling sharp
edges from the knob poking me. After a minute I discovered that there were
no sharp edges on the knobs but that I was still within the field of the 
coil and the grounded set screws on the knobs of the scope were nipping
my fingers every time I grabbed one! I stopped this experiment abrubtly.
My scope is fine.


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