Re: ignitron tubes

Tesla List wrote:
> >From rwstephens-at-ptbo.igs-dot-netWed Jun 26 22:19:07 1996

> Now here's an idea.  Get a robust
> triode designed for high pulse power (the plate will be relatively
> small in dissipation because of the low average power, compared to a 
> or resistor, and charge that cap up to the voltage rating of the
> pulse triode used (perhaps 7-10KVDC).  Use a rotary break, or yes a hydrogen
> thyratron, or yes even a mercury thyratron
> to short the supply side of the storage cap to ground when
> repetitively triggered.  The idea is to send stored packages of DC
> energy off to the tube oscillator circuit which is setup to deliver
> punishing peak power when kicked.  You will have to figure out how to
> complete the DC circuit around the capacitor for the charging mode to
> The results should be a much more impressive
> discharge streamer length than is normal for a vacuum tube powered
> T.C.  I haven't tried this yet but have had it in the back of my mind
> as a someday project for a while.  Bill Henderson, an 18,000 watt
> version of this system as just described ought to be pretty
> impressive!
> Comments are welcomed.
> Happy Coiling, etc!, rwstephens

This is kind of how my solid state circiut operates, only I pulse the 
drive to the mosfets instead of pulsing the power supply.  As long as 
you're using a stiff power supply, the results should be similar.  (I 
kind of was thinking about convolving waveforms to get the final tesla 
output, as mathematical proof that this might be so, oh god, don't ask 
me to actually do this on paper, now I'm really in trouble)

I have actually run my solid state magnifier system CW for short 
periods using a 3-10ohms power resistor in series with the primary of 
the output transformer.  When used like this the output pops on like a 
propane torch flame and even looks and sounds like one- it hisses- is 
beautiful to behold.

However, the same circuit when pulsed when contrasted to the CW 
results is like comparing a beaufiful flower to a tornado.