Anybody catch the "world of wonder" thing on the Discovery channel last
night? (tue. 25th)  Had a quick little "Tesla" segment...showed some good
clips (video) of a huge Tesla coil, built by Bill Wysock (think that was his
name) pretty impressive! I could be mistaken, but I thought they said 100'
sparks?? Coulda been "their" mistake...or just a little exaggerated for T.V.
? maybe? Or does this thing really kick 'em out? Didn't see the whole show,
just channel surfin' and the lightning caught my eyes  8o) Said it was a 50'
diameter coil? Where is this thing, and can anyone go see it? Anyone know?
I've heard the guys name on here, but I can't remember where.  On the show
they said he built them for others. Hope they start showin' more Tesla
related stuff on the tube!

                             Ken Cravens