Re: Safety gaps

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>This firing of the safety gap greatly concerns me. My curent system is 
>stuck with the low tank capacitance untill my comercial cap arives, so I 
>have been doing a lot of tuning with my terminal capacitance, perhaps to 
>much terminal cap ~22 picoFarad (where I get my longest discharge, only 
>about 36") is undully stressing my system. I dont know, but if anyone can 
>let me know what the safe distance for a RF safety gap with a 15 KV 120 
>mA Neon is I would be greatfull.
> Thanks.
>David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>


I started out with 12kv neon sign transformers and now use a 14,400v pole
pig.  I have my safety gaps set at 1/2" on each gap.  They never fire unless
I get a strike directly down into the primary.  I would guess that you are
not running in tune and kickbacks from the primary are causing the gaps to

Ed Sonderman