Re: Final Capacitor Test Results

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> Subject: Final Capacitor Test Results
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> Why did it fail?  Too much voltage or just too much total power?  This cap
> was only rated at 15kv.  This is 15kv Tesla coil service.  They knew my
> supply was a 14,400 volt pole pig.  Do I need to order a 20 or 25kv capacitor
> next time?
> Sorry this was so long.
> Ed Sonderman

Hi, All;

I'm normally a lurker, being a definite novice at Tesla Coiling, but I had to respond 
to this one. I'm just a technician, but I attended the Institute of Electronic 
Sciences at Texas A&M (yes, I'm an AGGIE) where they taught us that any critical 
component should be overrated by at least 50 percent. And they weren't even talking 
about Tesla works! The possible reflective voltages and harmonics and currents would 
entice *me* to overrate by 100 percent. That is through my lack of knowledge and fear 
of what these things could do to a very expensive piece of equipment. I'm guessing 
that the tank had a property that threw too much of one or the other parameter at your 
cap. I'm really sorry to hear of this, but, on the other hand, if they knew that you 
had a 14,400 pole pig, they should have warned you themselves. I'd be angry (probably 

Anyway, better luck in the future.

Rick Holland

The answer is 42