Re: cap specs or non-specs

> I think your idea that The Group establish a set of realistic technical
> Happy coiling, unlimited electricity, basic food and requisite sleep,  rwstephens

I was worried that I might be getting in way to deep on the capacitors 
issue and would be flamed into oblivion, but I'm happy I got some 
very humorous and postitive feedback from you and others.  I think I 
will try to stick to the solid state side of things though.  My best 
experience in high power is really more along the lines:  what do you 
do when your rainspout becomes a 1/4 magnifier at 14mhz?  and several 
inch arcs are shooting off it when you key up your transmitter.

This is the first laugh I got all day, as I have been working with 
Norton utilities on my mac trying to unscrew up my directory tree.

Best regards, Rob.