Re: Solid State - the business end.

Tesla List wrote:

> I am interested to find out the best way to connect the solid state driver
> to the Tesla coil.
> So far I've tried driving a conventional primary (but large voltages sent
> back from the secondary zapped FET's. Now I'm bottom feeding and
> winding working transformers.
> Rob wrote:
> > I thought I'd weigh in on the discussion-
> > even though in my own setup- a solid-state driver: the only resonant
> > caps are in the oscillator circuit (a mylar 4700pf unit, and not
> > really resonating: a relaxation osc) and the parasitic series resonant
> > C from the coil to ground.
> Where is this capacitor C and what's it doing and should I have one?

This capacitor exists in some distributed fashion all along the coil 
to some abstract concept called ground.  It can be approximated by a 
lumped element.  For info on distributed capacitance, there are good 
references in RF type texts to helical resonators, although these are 
generally mounted inside a shielded enclosure, but you'd get the 
general idea.

I would suggest building either my MOSFET circuit or the Duane Bylund 
bipolar one, since they both work well.  Alot of what I have been 
talking about in posts is pure speculation as to how to improve the 
current driver ckt.  I'd start with what works and then go from there.

I just faxed the schematic to Pike, so we are well on our way to 
getting this out to everyone.

Have fun!  Rob