Re: Toroid inductance

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>>	you've got 3 sections. Put them in series. 3 * 70mH = 210mH!
>>If that isn't enough, get 2 pole pigs and put their primaries in
>>series with you neons. That way, you can also use their secondaries as
>>110V/220V isolation xformers. GDAR
> or if Jim is 
>trying to make you,  you both might want to consider that their winding
>to conductive core insulation is only designed by the manufacturer for a few
>hundred volts and as such these sections if used as RF chokes will not be
>capable of holding off high RF voltages end to end, or either end to core. 

	I think I jumbled 2 threads together. As soon a Chip said
300mH my mind automatically jumped-to-confusion that he was going to
use them for RFI chokes. Looking back at the thread, I made no sense
at all.

	Thanks for keeping me honest,


[Now I'm confused.  I had intended to use the toroids as RFI filters.  Is there
some other use for ferrite toroids that I have forgotten? -- Chip ]