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>From: Wallace Edward Brand <webrand-at-dgs.dgsys-dot-com>
>Standards for Distribution Transformers, Overhead Type-- Sixth Report EEI
>Pub. No. 55-14, NEMA Pub. No. TR2-1956, May 11, 1956.  The exact title of
>the book is "Electric Utility Engineering Reference Book, Volume 3,
>distribution systems.  Effective February 1, 1989, Westinghouse transferred
>its intellectual property rights in the book to Asea Brown Boveri.
>They operate as ABB Power Systems Inc., Advanced Systems Technology, 777
>Penn Center Boulevard, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 15235-5927  I hope this is
>helpful.   The quoted statement appears at page 206.  Wallace Edward Brand
	Thank you, I was looking for the transient over voltage limit.
I'll check with the library about getting a copy of the book.