Re: Rotatry Gaps motors

Morning Jim,

On Sat, 8 Jun 1996, Tesla List wrote:

> Since then I been using a 30VDC "tape drive" spindle motor. It will
> run over 7000 rpm (around 1800 breaks per second, potentially, I've
> not scope it yet to see what the real numbers are). It gives a much
> smoother output. I've also purchased a 1/15 HP 1800 RPM synchronous
> motor, but because of it's small shaft, I've not tried it yet.

Yeh, a variable speed DC motor would be also ideal to visualize the 
spluttering effect, as you can slowly crank the speed and watch what 
happens very closely. I'm not really looking at grounding my 1/4hp motor, 
but instead, actually acquiring a 1500 synchronous. 
Hmmm, <idea! Bing!> what would it be like putting 2 rotating spark gaps 
in series, mind you working at around 20KVAC -at- 5-10KVA???!!!
Just hope that the contacts are all aligned at the same time for 

> over here, the FCC is sometimes called the Federal Candy Company. What
> do you call it down under?

Well, I don't know about the A.C.T., but in Queensland it's the Dept. of 
Transport and Communications.

> 	G'day mate.

G'day! How's it goin'? :-)

Thanks Jim,


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