Re: Flyback Transformers

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>Date: 07 Jun 96 09:22:00 EDT
>From: Jeffrey Wiggins <73041.2215-at-CompuServe.COM>
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>Subject: Flyback Transformers

>Hi, all!
>I agree with Dave Huffman - a small TC is always more impressive than the
>flyback/oscillator.  (flybacks are especially boring when hooked up on a TV
>and said TV is turned on!)

You can now get laser discs with TV test patterns on them that will 
still frame forever in broadcast quality.  At last, something of 
demonstrable value that you can watch from your TV screen!

>I built a miniature coil recently using a corona transformer from a photocopier
>4.8kV -at- 7.8mA  for a whopping 37Watts!  It produces an energetic display of 2"
>streamers all round the toroid - 0.75" x 4" - at 580kHz (bye-bye broadcast

Look out folks!  Let me introduce my good friend Jeffrey,  fellow 
Ontario coiler.  He appears to be trying to steal the award for highest performing
tiny T.C. and if what I've seen of his excellent work so far continues, he may just 
steal the prize!

>Why bother, you ask?  I hate to see an HV transformer that's not in use!!
>BTW what is it with streamers, anyway?  My other coil produces 22" streamers
>to a grounded target.  But, while making this measurement, I watch as
>other, longer streamers zip (zap?) right past said target.  Why is the grounded
>a less attractive destination for TC discharges?

For the same reason that the lightning nature produces will also 
ignore a closer grounded metal target and strike some distance past 
it, I guess.

>No longer lurking,
>Jeffrey Wiggins

Was that you tearing up my broadcast radio reception up here in 
Lindsay the other nite Jeff?

Happy Coiling!, rwstephens