Re: Rotatry Gaps motors

Jim Fosse wrote:
> Subject: Re: Rotatry Gaps motors
> Since then I been using a 30VDC "tape drive" spindle motor. It will
> run over 7000 rpm (around 1800 breaks per second, potentially, I've
> not scope it yet to see what the real numbers are). It gives a much
> smoother output. I've also purchased a 1/15 HP 1800 RPM synchronous
> motor, but because of it's small shaft, I've not tried it yet.
>         cheers,
>         jim
	I would be very interested in what speed you find to be the most 
successful when you test various settings with your motors.  The reason I 
am curious is that I hope to have my rotary in use in about 2 weeks, 
along with the rest of the system.  I've tried to learn as much as 
possible through the postings over the last 8 months and now several 
that I read come to mind.  At first, I had the impression that a high 
speed rotary gap was the hot set up, but now I have the understanding 
from several posts that the high speed gap is ideal for a magnifier, but 
not a two coil system.  My memory is less than perfect so I apologize if 
I misquote someone, but I thought Richard Quick was suggesting good 
results with about 450 bps last fall and Richard Hull was indicating less 
than 1000 bps for two coil systems.  If either Richard reads this or if 
anyone else has a better record system (or memory!), please clarify this 
for me.   
	Just thought I would mention this for your consideration.  I 
started my rotary with the intent of actually using the Carter 1 H.P. 
motor that several of us purchased from C&H and running it at high RPM 
(it's a 0-10,000 RPM universal motor).  I think right now I will target a 
lower speed and bps rate, but I am sure eager to learn as much as 
possible before making huge clouds of acrid smoke!!  

Comments and thoughts appreciated.

Chuck Curran