new coil use

Hi all,

Last night I discovered a new use for a Tesla coil.  For some reason my watch
(a Timex Ironman) had gotten stuck in timer mode.  Since it is a few years old
and sort of scratched up I decided it might be time for a new one, and so
decided to submit it to the "Brush Labs high voltage stress test".  This
consisted of dangling it close to the little coil set up in my kitchen (a 6kv
30ma input "mini magnifier"..very small).  After about 30 seconds of direct
hits to the watch face with some interesting arcing between the links in the
wristband, I found that the watch had re-set itself.  After setting the time
and date it now works perfectly!  Who'd have guessed?!

Hmmm...I wonder what else I can "fix" with my coil.<g>

Charles Brush 

p.s. I found another good web site.  It's a company which sells used and
surplus distribution & transmission equipment.  Not much in the way of lower
kVA pole transformers, but lots of other interesting stuff.  Fun to browse . 
They also have a print flyer which I just received.