Re: Has anyone tried the almost ridiculous?


>Has anyone built a coil large enough, either strong enough to hold your 
>weight, or perhaps an insulated platform connected to the secondary, 
>where you are effectively sitting ontop of the coil? Hence letting the 
>sparks fly from your body or any sharp objects you may have on you?  

Yes - one Nikola Tesla according to Cheney's biography.
This has Tesla standing on a platform on which he has just electrocuted a small
animal, "with 2 million volts running through his body his silhouette sharply
by a halo of electricity formed by myriad tongues of flame darting from
every part of his body. "
(Margaret Cheney: Tesla Man out of time,  page 4)

>This is an idea I would like to try out, hopefully if my coil runs at a 
>reasonably hi-frequency when complete...

Good luck - I understand there is a popular American variation 
that uses a chair!

Alan Sharp (UK)