Has anyone tried the almost ridiculous?

Hi All,

Um, looking through a few things I have, plus knowlege that has been 
passed on to me; the idea of using a relatively high-frequency (at least 
100's of khz) coil for something other than sparks...

Has anyone built a coil large enough, either strong enough to hold your 
weight, or perhaps an insulated platform connected to the secondary, 
where you are effectively sitting ontop of the coil? Hence letting the 
sparks fly from your body or any sharp objects you may have on you?  

This is an idea I would like to try out, hopefully if my coil runs at a 
reasonably hi-frequency when complete...

The guestimated output is 2-3MV -at- 80-150khz....

Just curious to see if anyone knows further information on actually 
attempting such a thing..???

Comments? Requirements? Anything?


Have Fun!  


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    want my Tesla Coil?"

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