Re: Toroid inductance

>>From chip-at-grendel.objinc-dot-comFri May 31 21:34:48 1996

>Well, I finally got a (not really a)VOM and used it to measure the inductance
>of the 400Hz 10A 3ph. variac core this morning.  
>I measured 69.984542848319856 mH.  
Are you sure that you transcribed that number right? didn't drop any
>The problem is that the last significant
>digit kept changing. 
Thats the problem with digital engineers (oops) meters they can't make
up their minds! Now an analog LCR bridge will give you a nice stable
70mH +- 10%;)

> I think I'm going to return the meter -- it's not stable :-)
>Seriously, it works great and displayed a value of about 70 mH.
Take it back. It's not accurate enought;) 69.984542848319856 mH
>I hope the value is high enough.  I've been reading about values in the 300mH

	you've got 3 sections. Put them in series. 3 * 70mH = 210mH!

If that isn't enough, get 2 pole pigs and put their primaries in
series with you neons. That way, you can also use their secondaries as
110V/220V isolation xformers. GDAR

	Highest Regards,