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>Paul and The Group,
>On my small 15KV -at- 60 MA neon powered coil, inside the dry house in 
>winter the streamers are only about 3 feet long.  Indoors or out on a 
>same temperature very humid summer evening the streamers are about 4 
>feet long.  That's a full 25% improvement!  I've seen this coil behave this way
>over and over again. I'm certainly convincved!
>Happy coiling!, rwstephens
>Reply- Even more confused; PAUL. If the streamers should be longer in the
moist air, then what effect is killing my Tesla coil and leaving me with
sparks that would look small on a cigarrette lighter?

I did some checking with the signal generator and the oscilliscope to check
the resonance of the secondary in the jungle atmosphere. When I am alone the
resonance was within a reasonable limits as it was when I first set it up
alone. As someone aproached and got within 15 feet of the coil the resonance
changed dramatically and went so far off the scale I could not find any
resonant frequency within the range of my signal generator, until the
visitor went away.

If one person, (outside the protective cage) can effect the resonance in
this way, could the crowd be making the secondary resonance unusable? How
does one body, 15 feet away,  make any difference to the resonance of the
secondary coil anyway?

Or is it the conductivity of the air? Could the air be so conductive that
any voltage is conducted away to earth before there is enough voltage to
create an arc?


PAUL MILLOTT (Failed again)